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  1. What is the capacity of the PowerPusher’s material handling tuggers and pushers
    The capacity of PowerPusher equipment is based on many variables. For this reason, we have set up a talented team to help guide you through the selection process. Please fill out the Contact Form or call us at 800-800-9274.
  1. Does the PowerPusher push and pull? 
    Yes, the PowerPusher equipment can push and pull. 
  1. Do PowerPushers require special batteries? 
    No, our electric pushers and tugs use regular deep cycle marine batteries. 
  1. How long is the demo program? 
    The demo program is 2 weeks long. 
  1. Can PowerPusher modify the tugging equipment to fit my cart?
    Yes, PowerPusher specializes in making custom attachments to match our equipment to yours. 
  1. Can a PowerPusher lift a load? 
    Yes, the MFC-100 includes a high-powered actuator for lifting loads. In special cases, the two-wheeled PowerPushers can be modified to incorporate lifting. 
  1. Do PowerPushers have braking? 
    Yes, all PowerPushers include braking. There is also an additional option of an automatic parking brake on some. 
  1. What are the charging requirements for PowersPusher? 
    The PowerPusher can be charged on a 100-240 Volts AC, single phase, 50 or 60 Hz electrical service. The max amp draw varies by machine but is no more than 7.5 amps max. 
  1. What is the run time of a PowerPusher? 
    The run time depends on the load it is moving and the environment it is being used in. In general, the PowerPushers should last 2-6 miles in between charges.
  1. How long does it take to charge batteries? 
    It takes 6- 8 hours to charge the batteries. 
  1. How much does a PowerPusher weigh?  
    Because PowerPushers are tailored to specific applications, the weight will vary to optimize both traction and power at the lowest cost.
  1. Is a special license required to operate a PowerPusher? 
    None of our machines require a license to operate. Further, most anyone can learn to operate proficiently with very minimal training.
  1. How fast do the material handling tugs and pushers go? 
    The speed of each machine varies based on the configuration of torque vs. top speed.
  1. Can I modify the speed of my machine? 
    Yes, the top speed and acceleration speed are programmable for both forward and reverse.
  1. Which E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow tub is right for me? 
    It depends on what you plan to haul in the tub:

    Standard Poly Tub: 12 cu. ft. heaping, 6.75 cu. ft. liquid line, made of polyethylene and is good for light weight to medium weight materials like dirt, sand, gravel, etc. 

    Slurry Tub: 12 cu. ft. heaping and 6.75 cu. ft. liquid line, made of polyethylene and primarily used for hauling wet concrete.

    Galvanized Steel Tub: 9 cu. ft. heaping, 5 cu. ft. liquid line, made of galvanized steel and best for demolition projects.

  1. If I wanted a custom tub for the E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow, can you manufacture one for us? 
    Yes, we can custom-build galvanized steel tubs.  Poly tubs require a mold and may be cost prohibitive.
  1. Can the E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow be equipped with non-marking tires? 
    Yes, we offer non-marking tires for the E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow.
  1. What is the wattage of the car pusher? 
    The wattage of the Automotive PowerPusher is 400 Watts.
  1. Do you still offer a “Pull Bar’ for the Automotive PowerPusher? 
    Yes, it is an option on our vehicle pullers.
  1. Are PowerPusher products made in the USA?  
    Yes, they are made in Shakopee, Minnesota.
  1. What is the cost of a PowerPusher?  
    Depending on what you are moving (weight) and the attachment, the cost varies.  Please fill out and submit our contact form or call our office at 800-800-9274
  1. What is the warranty on a PowerPusher product?  
    One year from date of receipt on all parts.
  1. How can I purchase a PowerPusher?  
    It depends on what you are buying and where you are located.  View our Contact Form and Sales & Distributor List.
  1. How do I order parts for my machine?  
    Visit our parts website at https://powerpusher.com/shop , the Contact – Parts tab at https://powerpusher.com/contact-parts or call 800-800-9274.
  1. How do I get service for my machine? 
    Email service@nustarinc.com or call 800-800-9274.