Move Heavy Materials While Protecting Your Employees and Your Business

Nu-Star’s PowerPusher® line of battery-powered material handling tuggers and pushers is engineered to help manufacturers overcome the challenges of safely moving heavy loads and materials in a wide range of industrial environments.  Our compact, walk-behind electric tugs and pushers are designed to protect your employee’s health and your business by providing a wide variety of benefits in the workplace:

  • Create a safer work environment
  • Lower injury risks and costly medical claims
  • Increase productivity
  • Reduce manpower and labor expenses
  • Accelerate your return on your investment
  • Move tons of weight easily
Battery-Powered Material Handling Tuggers & Pushers

PowerPusher Machine Lineup

Demo a PowerPusher® at Your Location

We’re so confident that you’ll love our material handling tugs and pushers that we provide the same level of service on demos as we offer all of our customers.  You’ll work with our engineers to develop a solution to solve your specific challenges, ensuring that our material handling equipment works for you before you commit to purchasing.

Battery-Powered Material Handling Tuggers & Pushers



Battery-Powered Material Handling Tuggers & Pushers


“The mover is a safe, convenient solution for moving aluminum in various forms, from flat stock to completed boat. It requires no special training and saves us time and labor.“

Anna D.
Manufacturing Engineer, Alumacraft Boat Co.