Moving Cable Drums and Paper Rolls

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Electric Pushers and Tugs for Moving Cable Drums and Paper Rolls

Known in the Cable industry as Drum Pushers and in the Paper industry as Roll Pushers or Roll Movers, PowerPusher® offers five different models to handle any drum or roll. When manufacturing and processing cable and paper, there is often a requirement to move the cable drums and paper rolls into or out of winders, slitters and testing chambers. When there is no overhead crane to handle this movement and a lack of space or, proximity to pedestrians prohibits the use of a clamp truck, employees will often attempt to roll the load manually leading to injury. The use of a single pedestrian operated PowerPusher® tug unit to push rolls and drums removes the risk of back injury to workers and enables one person to move loads up to 137,000 lbs. – a significant savings compared to the cost of overhead cranes or clamp trucks.



“We love the E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow ! The run flat tires are awesome. We do a lot of work around construction and have had probably 20 nail issues and zero problems. The battery life is insane, we can get an entire week out of a full charge!"

Steve H. - Phoenix Exterior

"I have had a few people try it out with our custom cart and they like it very much! It makes the job quite simple. We like the speed of it, how it handles, and how easy it is to maneuver."

Justin F. - Sage Glass

"One worker now moves the rails of beef sides all day long without breaking a sweat."

Tim S. - Aurora Packing

"I am impressed with Nu-Star’s willingness to do a custom design for such a challenging application and I am happy with the final product."

Jonathan P. - Corhart Refractories

“The mover is a safe, convenient solution for moving aluminum in various forms, from flat stock to completed boat. It requires no special training and saves us time and labor."

Anna D. - Alumacraft Boat Co.

“This was the first electric wheelbarrow I have used,” said Conn. “It was great not to have to worry about noise and gas during the project."

McGough Construction

“The ramp was really steep, and really slippery, but the electric wheelbarrow went up smoothly with no problems at all."

Jim Ashwill Owner - Ashwill Flooring

“We get more production out of our crew with the E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow, completing projects 20%-30% faster, morale is improved and they are happier and less tired at the end of the day"

Shasta Frandrup Owner - Timberland Outdoor Services, Inc.

“Very easy to control and maneuver, I like a lot of the built-in safety mechanisms it has that I wouldn’t have even considered."

Timmy H. – Eli Lilly and Company

“I just wanted to tell people how good your product is. I started working at my shop in 1994. We still use that same Automotive PowerPusher nearly every day!! Sure, we’ve replaced batteries and a chain just recently, but all in all, this thing has been the workhorse of our shop. Something that has lasted almost 30 years must be right!"

Brian M. - Caliber Collision
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Common Products for Moving Cable Drums and Paper Rolls