ET-100 Transporter™


The electric ET-100 Transporter Cart™ provides a more productive, safer work environment by providing easier warehousing, shipping and supplies management.  The battery-powered ET-100 can transport loads weighing up to 1,100 pounds and features an on-board battery charger.

Features and Benefits

  • A front-wheel transaxle drive provides powerful, easy turning and maneuvering regardless of load weight
  • Battery gauge that accurately indicates power level, making charging management flexible
  • Roller Grip variable speed settings for convenient, responsive reverse and forward motion
  • A top speed adjustment allows for the most appropriate settings based on individual applications, settings and needs
  • Optional free wheel mode provides unrestricted wheel rotation when necessary
  • An emergency stop bump switch when immediate stopping is required to prevent accidents or injuries
  • Automatic brakes help prevent collisions or damage that could have otherwise been unavoidable

  • Capacity: 1,100 lbs.
  • Deck Height 12.5 inches
  • Speed 2.8 mph variable
  • Weight 395 lbs.

Coming Soon!

Custom Sizes and Options available with free consultation with our engineers.