Power Pusher Dumpster Mover™

The Power Pusher Dumpster Mover™ enables a single person to maneuver 500 – 6,000 pounds fast and effortlessly with total control.  The battery-powered tug improves operator safety and productivity replacing more costly solutions.  It is a safe, clean solution for bulk material handling allowing transport of virtually anything that rolls with a wide range of attachments available.

Features and Benefits

  • Battery powered motor delivers clean, silent, heavy-duty 6,000 pound moving capacity
  • Sealed transaxle design delivers stable operation over uneven surfaces
  • Patented Auto Latch system provides a positive lock while easily connecting and disconnecting without the need to insert a pin
  • Lock-out hub enables the machine to be free wheeled to get you where you need to go as fast as you can run
  • Maintenance free batteries and heavy-duty 5th wheel ball bearing turn-table provides years of reliability
  • On-board opportunity charger ensures the Dumpster Mover is ready to go all the time

Super Power Pusher Dumpster Mover™ – Comparable size with all the same great features plus solid rubber forklift tires in a 20,000 lb. capacity machine

Power Pusher Dumpster Mover Lite™- For dumpsters under 1000 lbs.

Motor Type 24 Volt D.C. 400 watt
Gearbox Single speed reduction gearbox, with differential
Drive Mechanism 2 x chain & sprocket
Controller Fully programmable, with diagnostic facility
Batteries Group 27 Deep Cycle Marine Batteries
Battery Charger On-Board, 3 stage, 2 x 10 Amp circuits
Push / Pull Capacity Up to 6,000 lbs. (Subject to rolling resistance of load)

  • Motion Alert Beeper
  • Motion Strobe Light
  • Foam Filled, Solid Rubber and Non-Marking Tires
  • Fold Up Handles for Smaller Footprint
  • Drop Down Caster for all swivel caster bins
  • Strap on receiver for bins that cannot have anything mounted to them
  • Key switch

  • Custom Attachments Available