Moving Loads in Construction

Electric Wheelbarrow & Power Pusher for moving Loads in the Construction Industry

In the Construction Industry, the terrain and floor surfaces are often imperfect and as the project progresses, the landscape of the site often changes.  Sometimes loads are not always mounted on wheels or casters and the area in which they are moved is usually not as clearly defined as in a factory.   These variables present many challenges and it is commonplace to see a much greater use of manual labor across the industry.

Our E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow & Power Pushers are perfectly suited for this environment and if the loads are not already mounted on wheels or casters, we have some specific solutions to temporarily make the load more mobile.

Our E-750 Electric Wheelbarrow is designed to safely and efficiently help move concrete, concrete slurry, paving slabs, aggregates, flooring screeds and anything else you need moved by a manual wheelbarrow in the Construction Industry.


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